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nefepants   [neh-fee pants]
1. a derpish, tall person that likes giving hugs.


Hello. I'm the part-time village idiot/artist/pain relief stoner/social justice warrior/fangirl. Nice to meet you. This blog was actually originally supposed to be my art blog, but something went horribly, horribly wrong.

WARNING: This blog is oftentimes NSFW. So if you follow me, don't forget to Tumblr Savior the tag 'NSFW' if it makes you uncomfortable.

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Real Name: Nefertiti
Nicknames: Nefe/Nef/Nippletitty/Giraffe
Gender: Female

Theme Song: Sail by AWOLNATION.

Location: Good ol' US of A.
Occupation: Student / fail artist.
Hobbies: Drawing, movies, being a night owl.
Likes: Cats, porn, Batman, my OCs, video games, reptiles, Bob's Burgers, League of Legends, Blue Machine, nyan cat.